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Stress is a habit. 

Yes, sometimes stress is those big moments like being laid off, breaking up, or an argument with your family. But stress is also a combination of little habits that either add to your stress or actively detract it. 

I’m betting you’re not exactly flush with free time either. 

Who is? I’ve got two kids, a business and a household to run, so I get the lack of free time. Here’s the thing – a week at the spa isn’t going to help you stress less in the long run. 

What will help you stress less long term? Habits. Layering in stress reduction habits piece by piece will help you stress less in every area of your life. 

Join me on the Stress Less Habits Challenge as each month we take on a new habit to layer in for lasting stress reduction. Each month you’ll be emailed the new challenge, a calendar to track your progress, and some special bonus resources.