20 Experiments to Try in 2020

2020 vision

92% of resolutions fail. 

So does that mean you should give up and not even bother? Nope. You need to approach it differently

First off, resolution means that there is a problem to solve, and too often we identify ourselves as a problem. YOU are not a problem. So kick the resolution language out the window. 

Next, the way to see what works for you, to bring new habits in your life to help you stress less, be more efficient, bring more joy into your everyday is to experiment. 

Experimentation is the key. Studies show that the mindset shift is incredible. Goals are rigid and we’re often set up for failure. Experimenting allows you to try things out, see what works for you, take the good and leave the bad or make changes so that the new goals work for you. 

You know all those experts that say these are the 20 million things you need to do to be happy/healthy/successful? Do you they know YOU personally? Nope. 

YOU are the ultimate authority on your life and your needs, and it starts with experimentation. 

I’ve designed these 20 experiments for 2020 so that you can see what works for you to improve your well-being, to help you stress less, to bring more joy into your life and to make work a much more pleasant place to be! 

Do I expect that each of these 20 experiments will be things you do forever? Nope, because I know some of you won’t resonate with certain pieces. What I do want you to do is try each and every one.

Because you don’t know unless you try. 

Some of the experiments will take a few hours, others a few weeks, but each time you’re going to sit down and evaluate what worked for you and what didn’t, then decide FOR YOURSELF if you’re making them a part of your everyday life. 

Are you with me?

Download the 20 experiments for 2020 here. 

I’d love to hear how you’re getting along with them, so email me at [email protected] or connect with me on Instagram @stresslessladies