Life isn’t stressless, but I can help you stress less.

Reclaim your time. Build your resiliency. Resolve your relationship with your to-do list. Learn to build micro habits to stress less in the long run.


You + Me + Stress

I knew I had a problematic relationship with stress when I got shingles for the second time at age 29. You’d have thought the first time would be the wake up call… but no. I finally committed to putting my quality of life first, and through a combination of counselling, mindset shifts, coaching and lifestyle changes, I’m happy to say that I now have a pretty healthy relationship to stress, and I’m passionate about sharing this with women who are in that state: overworked, overwhelmed, and overtired. Let me help you get to the other side.

Stress Less Ladies coaching will put you in the driver’s seat of your life, giving you the tools, strategies and accountability to create a less stressful, more vibrant life. I respect your time (heck, it’s the most valuable thing we have!), so I ensure that whichever model of coaching you choose packs a punch and makes an immediate impact on your life.


  • Helped me realize my potential.

    Victoria has helped me open my eyes to what I really needed and wanted. No matter what attitude I came to the weekly sessions with, I always left motivated, inspired, and in a way better mood. We only have one life, and she has genuinely helped me realize my potential.

    Helped me realize my potential.
    Amy M.
    Victoria, Canada
  • I am set up for success moving forward

    I really wasn’t sure about using a life coach, but I have made drastic changes in my life in three very short months. Changes that I’ve been wanting to, hoping to, needing to make for years. She would say that I was the one that did the work, but I would not have gotten to where I have in my health, diet, exercise and personal goals without Victoria’s guidance and support.

    I am set up for success moving forward
    Julie S.
    Calgary, Canada
  • Highly recommend a session!

    The thing that I liked most about Victoria’s coaching was that it provided me with a framework to organize my thoughts, to move forward and not be intimidated by seeming obstacles which could be turned into positive steps.

    Highly recommend a session!
    Lynn G
    Isle of Arran, Scotland
  • Helped me find the root of my goals

    During our program, I had a close family member hospitalized. Beyond working on my goals, Victoria helped me continue to take time to care for myself, even when I didn’t think I could. Her guidance and support enabled m to come out of the situation a stronger and more dedicated person.

    Kate L.
    Calgary, Canada


  • First and foremost you have to show up – not for me, but for yourself. This is a commitment of time, once a week, to put yourself first. Inside those sessions, I ask that you’re open and honest with me, mainly for your own benefit. Outside of those sessions, I encourage you to work on your action items that YOU determine in our sessions. Can I make you do that work? Nope. But if you do the work and you invest in yourself, that’s how you’ll get the most out of coaching.

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